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Monday, February 11, 2013

My Blanket of Luv

So I've been reading this book Preparing for Surgery by Peggy Huddleston, in which she gives a lot of good advice about the power of visualization and positive thinking before, during and after your procedure. Ms. Huddleston also provides true life examples of people who have lost less blood, healed faster and altogether recovered more quickly thanks to the use of collective prayer and positive statements.

One specific suggestion she gives the reader is to create a "blanket of love." The idea here is that everyone thinks about you, or prays, or whatever it is they do at exactly the same time - usually the time of the surgery. One specific idea she offers is for you to ask  people to wrap you in a "pink blanket of love."

While I like the concept, I'm not a big fan of the color pink. So, if you are going to visualize me wrapped in a blanket of love, I prefer it to be green. More specifically, tealish green, or slightly darker. I mean brighter.
OK - so wrap me in a sort-of-teal-but-a-little-bit-brighter blanket of love.

Except the whole "love" thing makes me a little uncomfortable. A little too touchy feely for me.
So how about a sort-of-teal-but-a-little-bit-brighter blanket of healing?

Good. And make it snug, please. But  not too snug; just comfortably snug. Please do not suffocate me.

So where are we? You are going to wrap me in a snug, sort-of-teal-but-brighter (think hue of early mold if that helps) blanket of healing -

Now I'm visualizing one of those pig in blanket appetizers I used to eat  as a child.

To simplify this, let's just say that at noon tomorrow (Tuesday) when I am about to go under the knife, you will visualize me as a slightly moldy pig-in-a-blanket of healing.


Thanks in advance. xo


  1. Did you really say "I need to get something off my chest"? You rooole.

  2. I am sending you some fancy mustard to go with your blanket!!
    Hang in there baby sister xxxxx

  3. Check and check. Lots of positive vibes and prayers coming your way!

  4. I will meditate on you in a slanket (not too tight) of teal blue green, soft as a newborn baby's bum, with an ocean breeze wafting. And your hair is perfect. xo

  5. Positive thoughts and lots of fight! Get ready to kick it's ass girl!!!xo

  6. I wasn't familiar with your blog in its first incarnation but very glad to read your words here. Sending you warm wishes of health and healing across the miles. Be well and keep writing (I hear it helps!)